Ten features worth BUZZing about
Ralph, March, 2023

As a PR pro, do you find yourself on the hunt for the next gadget, software or platform to help ease your workload and make your life just a tad easier?

If you answered yes, then rest assured, you’re not alone.

On a day to day, you could be cold calling journalists, pitching stories to producers, contacting case studies, writing up media releases, attending a media call, planning creatives and potentially putting out fires (everyone’s favourite).

And it can really sting when you feel like you’re spiralling.

With so many hats to wear and plates to juggle, it’s important to find a routine and program that works for you.

BUZZHub was hatched for this very reason and has countless features to support you in your workflow and media management, proving that PR and BUZZHub are just meant to bee.

Here are ten features of BUZZHub that really are the bee’s knees:

1. Manage Contracts and Services Agreements all in one place

With documents digitised and automated nowadays, BUZZHub’s feature will enable you to neatly ‘file’ all your paperwork in one place. Ensuring you can keep track of those NDA's and MSA's easily.

Under the business development umbrella in BUZZHub, you can plan and track sales calls, manage sales and client key performance indicators (KPIs) and create quotes, contracts and a statement of work. As part of its services, you can also manage the terms and conditions, the budget and view profitability.

2. Media Outlets - Build your network of media contacts

Say goodbye to Excel sheets and your old-school media lists. BUZZHub’s multi-tasking media management allows you to build and add your media network, set up curated outreach groups and create syndication groups.

Under each media contact, you can also keep track of their outreach, newswire and booking history.

3. Activity Calendar and My Time Records - Manage your time (or let BUZZHub do it for you)

It’s easy to lose track of the hours on a busy day. But with BUZZHub’s handy in-built time tracker, the minutes and hours you spend on a campaign are measured and calculated for you, keeping you accountable to your client and your work. You can also set up transparent time records and activities in the stories calendar.

This is especially useful to ensure you aren't under or over servicing clients!

4. Story Administrator and Builder - Build and manage a story from start to finish

Under BUZZHub’s Story Administrator and Builder feature, you can add and manage tasks, and assign them to your relevant team members. This is the fun part – as part of the Story Builder, you can finesse your story by adding talent, creative content, assets such as video, audio and images, prepare the story for the NewsWire and even generate media and spokesperson packs.

Email Pitching - Ready, set, pitch

Once your story has been built and you are ready to pitch and set your email outreach, the Email Pitching feature allows you to customise your pitch by including a release (or not), draft targeted pitches, include spokespersons and attach media packs.

You can then filter by outreach groups set up by you or by outlet type, location and specific interests.

BUZZHub’s pitching prowess doesn’t stop there – you can also schedule your outreaches for a later time and build a telephone pitching list (so you don’t double up when calling).

6. Mail Dashboard – Track your email pitches

Once your outreach is set and your pitch is whizzing through the internet waves, you can sit back and relax with the Mail Dashboard. Track how your email pitches are going by looking at who has read it and when. This can bolster your telephone pitching as you reference the email pitch they might have read or is still sitting in their inbox unread.

7. Bookings & Coverage – Get your coverage together

So now you’ve pitched and the interviews and opportunities are pouring in. The great thing about the Bookings & Coverage feature is being able to organise, assign and manage interviews. You can also set up alerts for your talent when the interview booking is changed, tentative or confirmed.

Instead of sending endless back-and-forth emails with your talent, you can easily send them a link to their personal BUZZHub schedule and they can access and action their interview bookings.

Story Analytics – PR metrics you can measure

PR can be difficult to quantify at times, but there are key metrics you can measure with BUZZHub that will ensure your campaign is a success. Under Story Analytics, you can easily access an overall dashboard of how your story is going, with metrics such as items of coverage, reach, advertising value equivalency (AVE) and outlets engaged.

9. Reporting Showing the real value of PR

If you’ve wrapped your campaign or are needing to send across a report, BUZZHub’s reporting feature allows you to generate automated reports based on a time period or story.

Once you’ve written the executive summary and verified the data, your excel or PDF report is then available for download. The report will include the metrics mentioned above, but will have a more detailed breakdown of coverage by location, media type and interview bookings.

Forms & Survey – Aim to be better with feedback

Through BUZZHub, you can develop surveys for research purposes or send out feedback surveys to gather testimonials and garner constructive ways on how to improve. Each survey can be completely customisable to your brand, purpose and messaging.

Don’t wing it any longer. BUZZHub has got your beehive covered, so why not give it a try today? You can register for a free demonstration here.