Product Comparison

BUZZHub Agility PR Muck Rack Cision Telum MediaNet
BUZZHub Agility PR Muck Rack Cision Telum Media Medianet
Australia Presence
Business Development
Multi-Location & Multi-Currency
Client CRM
Prospect Management
Client Marketing (EDM)
Contract Management with eSign
Campaign Workflow
Multi-Location & Multi-Currency
Story Builder & Release Management
KPI & Campaign Scorecard
Spokesperson Kits
Interview & Talent Management
Talent CRM
Timesheets w/Auto-Recording
Trackable File Share
Media Enagement
Media CRM
Import Media Contacts
Media Contacts
NewsWire / Media Portal
Trackable Release Distribution
Mailing Analytics
Press Kits
Media Monitoring
Client Engagement
Client Portal
Talent Portal
Media Clip Library
Survey and Data Analysis

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The all-in-one PR solution for Agencies and In-house Comms Teams that will change the way you communicate

   Designed for Communication Pros
   Streamline Effort with Automation
   Reduce Duplication, Increase Accuracy
   KPI Management
   Uniform Stationary and Outputs
   Single Point of the Truth
   Track and Schedule Emails
   Client and Media Management
   Pitch Management Solution
   Manage Spokespeople & Talent