Streamline Your Media Outreach

Say goodbye to duplication and errors, and embrace a more productive workflow to get the buzz back in your workday.

Get ready to embrace a more productive workflow and get the buzz back in your workday.

BuzzHub's intelligent outreach tool makes pitching your contacts easy. Centralise your client, talent, and journalist contacts all in one place... No more contacts spreadsheets ever again!

Centralise Your Contacts

Quickly and simply build unique contact groups and stop copying and pasting email details.

Automate Your Communications

Easily coordinate and manage multiple campaigns all at once with streamlined scheduling of communications, pitches, and follow-ups.


Effortlessly build unique contact groups, automate email details, and manage multiple campaigns with streamlined scheduling for communications, pitches, and follow-ups.

Track your emails to monitor delivery and open rates, log all follow-ups.


Maintain a detailed history of your interactions to boost engagement and decision-making accuracy.

Now your campaigns are delivered with precision - boosting engagement and efficiency. And that’s just the beginning!

Ready to boost your PR campaign’s efficiency? Try BuzzHub today and see the difference!
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The all-in-one PR solution for Agencies and In-house Comms Teams that will change the way you communicate

   Designed for Communication Pros
   Streamline Effort with Automation
   Reduce Duplication, Increase Accuracy
   KPI Management
   Uniform Stationary and Outputs
   Single Point of the Truth
   Track and Schedule Emails
   Client and Media Management
   Pitch Management Solution
   Manage Spokespeople & Talent